General quotation said, “Photo speaks a thousand words”. It is true that photo can attract the reader to a website and other social pages in term of advertisement. Specifically, for the hotel industry photos always the leading source to make visibility more powerful for and it is a useful way to show the real beauty of one place to the reader.

According to studies on TripAdvisor, travelers are 150% more engaged on listings with 20+ photos, than those with only a few photos. If a “Picture is Worth a 1000 Words” then you don’t have to deal with text anymore since an experienced photographer can use his accurate and effective imagery to convey the hotel’s message and entice travelers to book accommodation.

Meeting Conference Event Siem Reap Photography Services

Meeting Conference Event Siem Reap Photography Services – Our recently work

Having great photos only on your website is not enough if other travel sites have bad or old images, thus it’s obvious that the hotel’s photos need to be kept up to date and monitored across all travel sites and OTAs.
Hotel professional photography is an investment and shows an attitude of the hotel and self-respect of the owner (or management) to their own business.

Siem Reap Picnic lunch at temple

Siem Reap Picnic lunch at the temple – Our recently work

Other studies on “WebHotelier” which is one of the booking engines with the highest conversions on over 1200 hotels, properties with a good number of good photos have higher conversion rate than others with only a few or bad photos. In details, properties with no photos have 70% lower conversion.

All in all, if you want to succeed in your business in hotel industry you have to have a great shot in-hand and share it with visitors with a regular update or change base on the real situation and special occasion.

Monks blessing at Hotels Siem Reap

Monks blessing at Hotels Siem Reap – Our recently work

The key points to included photography activities

  • Online selling packages
  • Cooking class activity
  • Tour desk upselling
  • Meetings & Events