Visiting the temple is the first priority activity in Siem Reap

Visiting the temple is the first priority activity you can consider on the day after you arrived. Selecting temples is quite challenging as there are a dozen temples in the area while all of them are good and unique. Since you come with family, kids or the elderly cannot walk all day under the sun in a huge temple. angkor wat 2021 we

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Siem Reap Road Construction Project

At the end of 2020, the government declared one news where all citizens in Siem Reap town were so happy. The news was about the 38 roads line will be reconstructed. The 38 roads will be equipped with rainwater drainage, sewage systems, flood protection systems, siem reap roads construction 2021 sidewalks, and street lighting. As the plan the project to build the 38

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Looking for Beach in Siem Reap? Cambo Beach Club, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The feeling relax at the beach is possible now in Siem Reap by Cambo Beach. Cambo Beach is a new place where tourist can go to enjoy the drink, food plus a really beautiful and huge swimming pool which equipped with a roof jump. This is a new creative idea to attract tourists to stay longer in Siem Reap as Cambo Beach will give them


Pea Raing lake, located in Chhrav commune, Siem Reap town which is only 30 minutes from the central town. This beautiful lake is a part of Tonle Sap lake which one of the great lakes in Cambodia as well as in South East Asia.Pea Raing is one of the Bird Sanctuary among many other places in Cambodia, what is the special and its interesting point

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