Independence Monument - Phnom Penh Cambodia

Independence Monument – Phnom Penh Cambodia

With a journey in memory saving path for more than three years. Aforative media now is a leading team in Siem Reap, Angkor Wat for meetings and events photography and videography.
We do not stop here as this journey is endless. To fulfill the needs in the competitive market, we are now ready to do our expansion to neighboring provinces and big cities. Our next destination is one of the best ASIA for Corporate Events & Meetings, Phnom Penh the capital city of Cambodia.

Cambodia Royal Palace - Phnom Penh attraction

Cambodia Royal Palace – Phnom Penh attraction

The big city demands are limitless, therefore, we will be there with our courage, skill, and passion to fulfill the needs with high standard and lower cost. We believe that with a handful of experiences, we are now is the best partner of the tour companies, event organizers local and international, and high-class hotels as we do not just offer the best service and quality but every angle in the photo is full of creativity.

Wat Phnom - Phnom Penh

Wat Phnom – Phnom Penh

To step into a new target area, Aforative Media has been prepared for years. Not just only focus on professional skills in media but also a capability in communication with clients, dealing with problem and solution, flexibility and friendly manner. We are ready to provide the best quality media for events and meetings beyond the market and over your expectations.

Photography and videography services for Corporate Events, Meetings, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition in Phnom Penh

The events and meetings require a documentary. What makes the best documentary are photos and/or videos. From the start to the finish line, we will be with you to capture what is important happened before, during and after the event to create one perfect documentary for you. You can definitely show to the world through our lenses confidently with quality and professionalism.

King Norodom Sihanouk Statue, Phnom Penh

King Norodom Sihanouk Statue, Phnom Penh

We are now a leading team that can handle big, medium and small events smoothly. The way that we communicate with our clients can build mutual trust and also can show how professional we are. Aforative Media has a team member who can speak English well, so we guarantee that your needs will be fulfilled by a great result. So far we did receive a positive and high star review from clients who is international event organizer, individual company and local ground service.

Decho Meas Decho Yat Statue - Phnom Penh

Decho Meas Decho Yat Statue – Phnom Penh

We have gone across many events and meetings, so far but we keep our word to make your event and meeting a unique way. Create your documentary with us today and ready to share it with the world tomorrow.