aforative media accept online payment

Aforative Media accept online payment via credit card and debit card

We all are living in the modern world and technology always means to make us easy and keep the connection even we are really far from each other. At Aforative we also thrive to work to meet the need and of every client and make a single service easy for them to stay connected with us with just a click from wherever they are and whenever they want.  

We are now proud to announce all clients can make an online payment. With a strong collaboration with Asia Advance Bank (ABA), Aforative now accepts the payment through online credit card & debit card. This is the method that every international client mostly prefers and it is an easy way yet not a costly one.  


ABA Pay, Visa, Master, and UnionPay

With this upgrade, we are now ready to provide you the best service in saving your memory in a more effective way. Make a booking with us today and we have a flexible way of payment for you.  Book our photographer and pay now