Embark on a beautiful journey, to experience a “Basic Camera function technical”


basic camera understand

Photography is a type of leisure activity for most of the people now. Some photography lover buys an expensive camera but sometimes it meaningless if they cannot use it in the right way. Definitely, most of you are really busy with work, business and family so do not have time to do research on what you love at all. For new photography lover mostly are lonely do not have a friend or a partner to take a photo. We do have a solution for you.

Beng Pearaing Siem Reap
Beng Pearaing Siem Reap

At Aforative Media, we have a service called: Basic Camera Functions plus Practice Trip. You just buy our trip and bring your camera than our professional team will train you how to camera correctly, below area basic function you will learn, Shutter Speed, ISO, and Aperture, each function you will learn how it works, where to set, and how it effects to the single photo that you take. Apart from that, we will show you a basic composition, Rule of Third, Symmetry, Leading line.

Beng Pearaing Siem Reap
Beng Pearaing Siem Reap

What to bring:
– Own camera (All type of camera) – recommend DSLR, Mirrorless or Micro-4/3 system
– All type of lens – recommend wide angle lens and telephoto lens
– Adventure gears and dressing

Inclusive of:
– Sharing Army Jeep (maximum 3pax per Jeep)
– Refreshment meal box
– Beef, soft drink, mineral water during trip

Tour Schedule:
– Every Sunday from 2 pm – 7 pm
– Gathering point at YEAC Siem Reap Office
– Destination: Pea Raing Lake

Price Inquiry & Make a Booking
– tel: 095 237 498 / 015 975 286