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The vaccination was rolled out from March 2021, a month after the community outbreak event named 20th February which was started from Phnom Penh. The number of cases keeps rising up from time to time in a very worrying scenario. photo from news.cn The government decided to start the vaccination campaign which was begun by front-line workers, medical staff, police, teachers, and other

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The wall of Angkor Thom city was a great wall back to ancient times. Inside the wall, there are a hundred temples. This oldies construction keeps changing through time and now it needs a special treatment to keep it standing tall for another decade. Recently, the APSARA National Authority worked to restore the wall of Angkor Thom. រូបថតពី អាជ្ញាធរដើម្បីការពាររមណីយដ្ឋាន និងរៀបចំតំបន់អង្គរ / Photo from Apsara

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Not so far from now, Siem Reap is going to have a massive new international airport. It is really international standard and this airport will open another gateway for the tourism sector. The new airport will span 700 hectares and is expected to be finished by 2023. However, completion has been planned with three phases, gradually raising passenger capacity from 5 million to 7 million

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