Angkor Wildlife & Aquarium – Opening on November 1st, 2022

Angkor Wildlife & Aquarium is set to feature a 500m3 aquarium featuring freshwater species as well as a 600m3 saltwater aquarium. The main aquarium building will house freshwater species that are endemic to Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. There are also 10 hectares of outdoor animal exhibits and attractions set to include tigers, river otters, and crocodiles. Thanks to Angkor Wildlife & Aquarium for


Pea Raing lake, located in Chhrav commune, Siem Reap town which is only 30 minutes from the central town. This beautiful lake is a part of Tonle Sap lake which one of the great lakes in Cambodia as well as in South East Asia. Pea Raing is one of the Bird Sanctuary among many other places in Cambodia, what is the special and its interesting

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