The Important of the photos in the hotel industry

General quotation said, “Photo speaks a thousand words”. It is true that photo can attract the reader to a website and other social pages in term of advertisement. Specifically, for the hotel industry photos always the leading source to make visibility more powerful for and it is a useful way to show the real beauty of one place to the reader. According to studies on


Pea Raing lake, located in Chhrav commune, Siem Reap town which is only 30 minutes from the central town. This beautiful lake is a part of Tonle Sap lake which one of the great lakes in Cambodia as well as in South East Asia. Pea Raing is one of the Bird Sanctuary among many other places in Cambodia, what is the special and its interesting

Happy Women’s Day

Women's Day-2018 Happy and cheer for Woman’s day, 8th March 2018 from all man photographers team, Aforative Media. It been more then 100 years that woman is equal to man, at Aforative media we do believe that woman plays an importance role in every second as they are a part of our life. This year, like other years the people over the world is

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