It’s time to budgeting, the season to breaking down what strategy to power performance, review trends in your business that should be taken into account when making your budget, and start thinking about any major upgrades your properties, products, and services that needs to take in digital technology and marketing strategy.

Understanding where the business’s key benchmarks are headed is critical to budgeting appropriately and knowing where to core focus your efforts to see the outcome for your business.

This year, a part of continued focus on direct booking methodology, a keynote deep dive discussion includes the need to bridge the data, technology, and marketing silos to elevate operational to earn more productivities and advancing capacity using the data we got from past clients to build relationships, grow loyalty and revenue, and acquire new clients.

It’s necessary to begin 2020 with an effective foundation for your digital marketing strategy and be able to adapt new technology to come.

To get started, your competitive year planning is half of winning and do not forget to count on these top 6 trends of digital contents as it is a key influence your brand and improve your booking through your communication platform as well as your online selling channels.

Digital contents play a crucial role in transferring the charming of your business to the world. Let’s share with you some useful tips as following:

1- Short video storytelling

short video storytelling

The short video is the most attractive content on social media, facebook, as well as Instagram. It can be as short as 15 – 45 sec talking about a specific area you want to highlight in to gather attention from your clients. For instant, highlight the food of the month, a destination that you want to recommend to your client, and a new way that we want to do surprise the client. You can produce this type of media once a month and a total of 12 videos per year.

2- Lifestyle product photography


Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography that mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people’s lives or to inspire people at different times. Now lifestyle photography has raised its demand recently.

You can show how the stay in your hotel looks and feels like in your property. The model in the photograph will act while your staff performs their best work to offer the best service to the client. The model can be hired from outsourcing or select the one internal from your team. This is a new concept that can attract more audiences. You can plan this once or twice a year. visit our lifestyle presentation here

3- A simple photo with special time and angle

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The photograph is still keeping its role as a simple way to communicate with the client through your website and social media channels. But what is really special is choosing the one that can express about your property, the place you want to recommend and the activity you want to highlight. This can be a great photo of sunrise and set in different seasons, choose a hidden temple and do the highlight with a short caption. You can plan this weekly.

4- 360-degree Photography

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360 images are eye-catching and immersive. This results in more engagement from anyone who happens to come across them. Imagine a social media feed, full of text and images. A 360-degree photo will stand out and engage the user.

This is not a new type of photography but it is a new concept when you include this into your social media page and website. The feeling when your client can feel like they stay in the middle of one place in your hotel. This you can spot one special angle like pool, garden, lobby, bar, restaurant, and meeting room. There are various ways to produce this type of photo but with us, you can receive a high standard with a large resolution and creativity.

Imagine when your website has a 360-degree photo inside then the client can see your property and has another feeling then you will have plenty of benefits. More 360 degree photos

5- Use the live streaming to catch audiences


Visualize how your event comes to life on social media, Youtube and even the website? Live or broadcast is the way that we can enable one event to be more interesting and everyone can stay turn to each scene at home through social media. live streaming detail
With small, yet fabulous technology we can help you to bring your events to the world to see it with just the same live stream with high resolution and definition.

6- Copyright blog article and photograph

Optimize your website SEO with blog articles is a must. Post frequently blog gives you opportunities to target a great number of keywords, keeping the audiences on your website spend more time, and gives other websites backlink.
Up and running your article post and producing digital contents for it are both necessary steps, but you can make that work go much further for your SEO efforts by taking a few extra steps to optimize your blog posts for SEO with attractive photograph and cinemagraph. For an example is what you have just read until these sentences.