Siem Reap is the most attractive tourist site in Cambodia, besides beautiful ancient temples, we also have a natural site, like a waterfall, floating village and greenery countryside with the rice field. If you have a plan to do your pre-wedding and wedding in here, the view always changes between, rainy season and dry season. Rainy season start from May – October and dry season will start from January – April, plus November – December is winter the temperature drops to 22c – 25c.

In rainy season you can have a blue sky with cloudy and then green view plus beautiful sunrise and sunset set, on the other hand, in the dry season, you can have other colors of view as tree and grass turn yellow.
In Siem Reap you can try Cambodian traditional wedding dress and it is available everywhere while western style you also can get access, no need to pack your wedding dress to make your luggage full or overweight. Moreover, we also have a church where you can officially prepare your wedding and have a nice restaurant for a small and big party.

At Aforative Media, we do provide a full package of pre-wedding and weeding arrangement from the start to the end, including permission to have a photo shoot at the world heritage, Angkor Wat and surrounding area. You Pre-wedding or wedding will be wonderful and excited here in Siem Reap with a full set of accessible everything start from small and big. Welcome to Siem Reap for all couple! – Meeting our photographer

Last but not least, We also provide instant photo booth to rock your wedding event