Christmas and New Year Eve Recommend Activities with Photo Booth

Activities for new year 2019 - photo booth

Christmas & New Year Eve is coming soon, we believe that you are on your path to think to find a great thing to rock your special event of the year at your hotel, and company for your staff or a valued guest.

Recently event – Cycling for environment and children health

Do you want to see something new this year? We would strongly, recommend an easy way to include in your party and event and it can help to make it even more joyful with the great benefit of promoting your brand to every participants and client. That is an easy and great benefit is the thing is Photobooth, instant printing.

Recently event – Angkor Wat The World’s #1 Landmark for 2018 by the Ministry of Tourism

At Mr & Ms. Booth, we offer a high creativity of photobooth, with a high technology, and quality of the printing and the photo itself. We can do a customization work for yours with photo template, banner, and everything that can represent your brand and your reputation.

Recently event – Travel Agency Club at Lotus Blanc Hotel & Resort

Make your reservation today before our schedule is going to be full (at least two weeks prior to your event start). We are always ready to answer every inquiry and happy to see you to have a personal discussion. Further information about our photo booth…

Great solution to make a great event and or party is Mr & Ms Booth. Delegate this complicate task to us then everything going to be ok!.