Angkor Wat World’s #1 Landmark for 2018, from TripAdvisor
MOT traveler choice

Congratulation to Angkor Wat temple, which is the largest temple in Cambodia just to be a winner for The World’s #1 Landmark for 2018, from TripAdvisor. This winning award it reflects that many of the tourists in the world love this historic site the most comparable to another landmark in the world.

To cheers up this wonderful occasion, Aforative Media would like you to share with you some of the photos from the award-giving night which is under a present from Governor, minister of Ministry of Tourism and TripAdvisor management team.

Do you want to make a trip plan to come and see the winner landmark? If so, when you come here and need the photographer, a personal and professional please contact us and we will arrange to capture with the great place to make a great memory.

Cheers for Angkor Wat temple and Cheer for our country,
The Cambodia Kingdom of Wonder.