It has been nearly two years, after the presentation of Covid19 and it still shows its side effect on many sectors here in Cambodia. The hit was affected mostly on the tourism sector Cambodia, especially Siem Reap. A lot the road we can see many hotels’ doors remain closed and the light remains off.

The pub-street the well know block, where tourist enjoys their nightlife, is now so quiet, no colorful light anymore just only a florescent with the moon sometimes. The temple where is the popular site for sunset and sunrise was empty just a sound of birds and nature.

The pandemic has put more than half a million people into jobless as the result of many businesses were closed. So many people now living in the condition of uncertain time as everyone is living the era of quarantine and lockdown is required most of the time.

Now we try to adapt ourselves to the virus itself, so many people drop their skill in hospitality to become a farmer, seller, or event the food delivery driver. Does everyone keep asking when will the pandemic end?

This question remains no answer since all over the world is still flight really hard to beat the virus.
We always looking to seething return to their normal but all the experts said that we cannot return but we need to live in new normal where we have to force ourselves to live in the way which immunization will change the situation in the near future.