No matters where are you come from, do you believe in what? Blessing is one of the particular way to make you feel fresh, safe and confident from the inner pace.

Monks blessing

To give a blessing by Buddhist monk on your special day in Siem Reap, Angkor Wat is the most marvelous events which it cannot be skipped. It can be done at the Khmer monastery or at your hotel and a set of arrangement is the same.

Siem Reap Monks blessing

During the blessing you will be blessed by the holy water mix with Jasmin, lotus plus a holy prays from Buddhist monks, at least three.

Angkor Village Monks Blessing

Cambodian believe that the holy water is the water that can take a way of your bed luck, weak soul, and bring back a good thing. Listen as the monk’s chant prayers in Pali, the language of early Buddhist scriptures.

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Monk Blessing Package

Let's get blessing from Khmer Monks

Explore a unique Angkor zone and experiences Khmer Traditional monk blessing session.

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Monks blessing at Hotels Siem Reap

Along with your alms offering, you’ll find lotus and jasmine flowers amid the incense and candles used during the traditional ceremony, which runs about 30 minutes.

Monks blessing at Resort in Siem Reap

monks blessing khmer culture

Receive a personal blessing from one of the monks as he ties a red thread around your wrist that is meant to bring good luck and prosperity. Monk blessing is a main event in Cambodia traditional wedding and mostly it gets to be done at the evening time.

Khmer Monks Blessing

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