Try a local street food in Siem Reap town or down town and capture the marvelous photos with our professional team.

Street food is one of city beauty, especially at night. You can capture colors, tests of the food and activity of the sellers. No worry if you are a beginner or just started to love to take photo, at Aforative media, we are always ready to give you tips and guide you to capture with your own free styles.

night life photography

We will start this fun and great activity from 5: 30 pm to 8: 00pm when you street food sellers are readied to set up their mobile store and when their customers are crowded. There are a few wonderful places for you to choose like: Pub Street, old market, Road 60. You can find many grate photos as examples. We will offer you a free pick up from your stays, fresh water, and street food as snack.

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